Dedicated IP VPN


We call this the king of all VPNs.

It will protect your online privacy.

Enjoy dedicated IP and dedicated internet speed and dedicated internet port.

Connect up to 10 devices or computers together with same VPN account.

It is the best option for accessing your bank accounts and online memberships.

Home, office, another city, another country or everywhere you go you can connect to internet with the same IP address.

You can choose between these locations to order online: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, Netherlands, Finland, India and Singapore.

Please contact us if you need dedicated IP VPN from Chile, Iceland, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, Sweden, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Russia, Moldova, Romania, Israel and Hong Kong.

Do you need any customization or Dedicated IP VPN from a country not listed above? Please contact us.

Dedicated IP VPN
Dedicated VPN

$14.95 Per Month

Maximum Security

Dedicated IP

Dedicated Speed

Dedicated Internet Port

10 Multiple Connections

L2TP And OpenVPN Protocols

Unlimited Bandwidth

It's a real VPN service

We have over a decade of experience

Made with love in New York